The Aluminum Association recommends prioritizing the use of sustainable materials such as aluminum

The Aluminum Association recommends prioritizing the use of sustainable materials such as aluminum

Aluminum association called on congress to in the upcoming, with emphasis on the infrastructure construction, infrastructure financing method to add priority regulations on the use of sustainability aluminum and other materials, and is highly dependent on reliable transport and infrastructure aluminum companies in the United States will support the congress to increase the public and private infrastructure construction funds.
The US is preparing a nearly $1tn infrastructure proposal as part of its efforts to stimulate a recovery in the world economy, it has emerged.
The preliminary version being prepared by the Transportation Department would spend most of the money on traditional infrastructure, such as roads and Bridges, but also set aside money for 5G wireless infrastructure and rural broadband.
TomDobbins, chief executive of the aluminium association, said in a letter to members of congress that aluminium would be a key material in new infrastructure because of its light weight, corrosion resistance and unlimited regeneration.
He said aluminum is an extremely important element of U.S. manufacturing and plays an important role in aviation, transportation, construction, defense, packaging, infrastructure and other sectors of the economy.
Among the proposals, he argued that government investment in power grid modernization and electric vehicle infrastructure, where aluminum is critical, would be key to economic growth.
He also called for improving the nation’s metal-recycling system to recover more aluminum.
For example, he said, only more than $800 million worth of aluminum beverage cans end up in landfills each year because of inadequate recycling systems.

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