The European aluminium association and the European aluminium surface treatment association (ESTAL) have joined forces

The European Aluminium association has welcomed the addition of the European association of Surface Treatmenton Aluminium (ESTAL).

In order to improve the welfare of its members, ESTAL has decided to join the European aluminum industry association from January 1, 2016.
Both associations focus on the metal and are active in the construction and transportation markets.

Together, the European aluminum association and ESTAL have better demonstrated the value chain of the industry, creating more awareness for the entire aluminum industry, and at the same time promoting the unique advantages of aluminum as a sustainable metal.
The combination of the two associations helps to increase the market share of their members.

IvoVermeeren, President of ESTAL, said the two sides had long been involved in the aluminium market, coming together to share expertise and experience to provide better services to member companies.
It is believed that this combination will benefit from both associations.

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