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Brief introduction:
Reactor aluminum strip is a typical Al-Mg antirust alloy, which is famous for its extremely high fatigue strength, excellent formability and weldability. Among them, the most commonly used Reactor aluminum strip is the Reactor aluminum strip that is processed and hardened, as well as then subjected to low temperature treatment or heat to obtain stable mechanical properties. At this time, the hardness level of the 5052 aluminium alloy strip under h32 temper is 2, showing high plasticity, good weldability, and being able to be polished,etc. So, the 5052 aluminum strip with the above properties is mainly used for static load parts working in liquid or gas media, such as truck air brake tanks / fuel tanks, large marine diesel tanks, gasoline or lubricating oil conduits, various liquid containers and parts for various Marine and land transportation equipment, as well as electrical shells, cold stamping parts, sheet metal products, etc.




Applications and Features:

1.Excellent Corrosion Resistance. Corrosion resistance is the typical property of Reactor aluminum strip. It is very effective to resist the corrosion of seawater, atmosphere, gasoline and other chemical.

2.Mechanical Properties. Take Reactor aluminum strip as example, 5052-H32 tensile strength (Rm/Mpa) is 220-260, proof strength (Rp0.2/Mpa) is 130, percentage elongation after fracture is 5, and hardness is 61 HB.

3.Other Features. Marine grade aluminum 5052 for diesel tanks with high fatigue strength advantages is more suitable than 5083 marine aluminum. Besides, 5052 aluminum strip also has excellent formability, weldability, weather resistance and excellent polishing effect,etc.

The use of 5052 aluminum strip


5052 Aluminum strip for Truck Air Brake Tanks
Truck air brake tanks are often made of 5052 aluminum strip with a thickness of 1.5mm. They are used to store compressed air during truck driving to prepare other brake gas, such as truck brakes and sirens. Most notably, YIKUO 5052 aluminium alloy has obtained ISO/TS16949 from SGS Certification Agency, and DNV/ABS/BV/LR/CCS Classification Certificate, successfully used in truck air brake tanks/ fuel tanks/ gas tanks, marine diesel tanks and other ship containers and components manufacturing.
Other Usages
Besides the static load parts used in liquid or gas medium, 5052 aluminum strip can also be well applied in electrical enclosure, cold stamping parts, sheet metal products and other manufacture

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