Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Gauge (Thickness): 0.3mm – 5mm

Width: up to 2000mm

Anodic layer: 2µm -25µm

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Aluminum plate at anode is oxidized, and a thin layer of aluminum oxide is formed on the surface, and the thickness thereof is 5 to 20 μm, and the hard anodized film is 60 to 200 μm. The anodized aluminum plate improves the hardness and wear resistance, up to 250-500 kg/mm 2 , good heat resistance, the hardness of the hard anodized film is as high as 2320K, excellent insulation, and high breakdown voltage 2000V, enhanced corrosion resistance, does not corrode in thousands of hours in the salt fog of ω=0.03NaCl. The oxide film has a large number of micropores in the thin layer, which can adsorb various lubricants, and is suitable for manufacturing engine cylinders or other wear-resistant parts; the membrane microporous adsorption ability can be colored into various beautiful colors. Non-ferrous metals or alloys thereof (such as aluminum, magnesium and their alloys) can be anodized.Divided into thin sheet & medium thick plate and hot rolled thick plate.Metal sheets designed for sublimation printing. Including aluminum, brass and steel.

Anodized aluminum sheet specification

1) Metal Dimensions

2) Gauge (Thickness): 0.3mm – 5mm

3) Width: up to 2000mm

4) Anodic layer: 2µm -25µm

5) A broad range of colours possible:

a) Clear anodizing: natural

b) Grey-Black

c) Champagne-Gold

d) Bronze

e) Stainless Steel

f) Blue

g) Red

Anodized Aluminum Sheet Application

1) Light weight, 1/3 weight of stainless steel

2) Anti-scratch, the surface hardness reaches Sapphire Grade

3) Non-poisonous and environmental protection

4) Anti-static, anti-fingerprint, easy to clean

5) The surface anodized layer will never fade or fall off

1) Lighting

2) Inside and outside curtain wall

3) Automotive body

4) Home appliance board

5) Electrical Products

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Technical Information

1) Processing method: Anodization of aluminum sheet refers to the process of generating aluminum oxide film on the surface of an aluminum sheet through electrolysis when the aluminum sheet is put in the electrolyte as the anode.

2) Manufacturing

Racking → Degreasing → Rinsing → Alkaline corrosion → Rinsing → Neutralizing → Rinsing → Anodizing → Rinsing → Pore sealing → Rinsing → Off rack → Testing → Packing

Chemical element: