Aluminum brazing sheet

Grade: 3003/4343/4004/4045/4047/7072 etc.

Thickness: 0.5-600mm

Application: water tanks, heaters, air coolers

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Tianjin YIKUO CO.,LTD is one of the few manufacturers of ultra-wide brazed aluminum plates in China, which can meet the requirements of various mechanical properties. We have 4343/4045/7072 and other composite materials, with a maximum width of 2650mm and a maximum thickness of 600mm. Mainly used in various heat exchangers, radiators, aluminum fins and other products.

Product introduction:

Tianjin YIKUO CO.,LTD provide aluminum clad materials and aluminum brazing plates. During brazing, the brazing material does not melt, the clad aluminum melts and fills the joint to make the workpiece connected. The aluminum clad material can be wrapped on the aluminum alloy core material to make the aluminum brazing plate, which is widely used in the manufacture of heat exchangers

Applications and Features:

1. Water tanks, heaters, air coolers

2.Evaporator, heater, oil cooler


4.Aluminum fins

Technical parameter:

Alloy grade Alloy state Thickness(mm) Width




Inner diameter


H32,F,O, H19 0.5-600 900-2650 1000-6000 150,200,
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