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Brief introduction:
5154 aluminum coil is famous for use in pressure vessels, ships and other welded structures. It’s not difficult to find that 5154 aluminium alloy coil also belongs to Al-Mg ( 5000 or 5xxx series ) anti-rust alloy series. It’s similar to 3A21 alloy, but the strength of 5154 with moderate-to-high strength, is higher than 3A21 and 5052 alloy, especially has higher fatigue strength, as well as high plasticity. Besides, 5154 aluminum coil also is non-heat-treated alloy, can be cold worked to improve the mechanical properties.
Applications and Features:

1. Forgeability. 5154 aluminum coil is available in Coil, Plate, Sheet, Strip, Tube, Forging Stock, Rivet Stock, Bar and Wire. It’s not difficult to find that 5154 alloy can be formed by rolling, extrusion, and forging, but not casting.

2. Weldability. 5154 aluminium alloy coil is better in atomic hydrogen welding and contact welding. But for argon arc welding, crystallization crack tendency will occur.

3. Mechanical Properties. 5154 aluminum coil tensile strength σ(MPa) is ≤225, Elongation deltaσ(%) is ≥10.

The use of 5086 aluminum coil


5154 Aluminum Coil for Gas Cylinder

5154-T0 for Gas cylinder is a highly practical application of 5154 aluminum coil. After solid solution heat treatment, the 5154-T0 aluminum coil, with enhanced strength through later natural aging reprocessing, has well met the pressure design requirements of Gas cylinder. Besides, 5154-T0 for Gas cylinder has light weight, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, and extremely high tightness. Most importantly, gas cylinder made of 5154 aluminum coil has extremely high security ! It is only cracked at the moment of bursting, while gas cylinder of steel is prone to explosion and flying debris.

Other Usages

In addition, aluminum coil is also widely used in pressure vessels, ships components, hull body, forging stock, as well as cold fasteners, such as rivets, pins, and dips, etc.





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