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Brief introduction:
5005 H14 aluminum coil is a popular product among 5005 aluminum coil. and For 5005 aluminum coil, refers to the 5005 aluminum sheet after casting and rolling, which is processed into a roll shape after being drawn and bent, to facilitate post-processing such flying shears. In its state H14, it means that the aluminium alloy 5005 coil at this time has not been subjected to additional heat treatment, obtaining a hardness of grade 4 only by simple work hardening. Besides, the common temper of 5005 aluminum coil includes H34, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H32, H34, H36, H111, H112, H114, etc. Generally, 5005 5005 aluminium properties show excellent welding, processing, forming and anodic oxidation effect,etc. 5005 ALUMINUM COIL
Applications and Features:

1.Excellent Anodic Oxidation effect. The anodized oxide film on the surface of 5005 aluminum coil becomes brighter, and can achieve the same tone as 6063 alloy !

2.Strong Weather Resistance. aluminium alloy 5005 coil doesn’t cause brittleness at low temperature, and its strength increases rather than decreases with the decrease of temperature.

3.Other Properties. Similarly, 5005 aluminum coil is a non-heat-treated alloy, which can improve its strength through cold processing, and has certain corrosion resistance, excellent formability, moderate strength,etc.

The use of 5005 aluminum coil


5005 aluminium alloy has excellent performance and moderate price. Compared with 1 series and 3 series alloy, it has a high cost performance. Therefore, 5005 aluminum sheet is the best choice for high-end wide-width curtain wallboard materials. And 5005 aluminum coil is widely used in the manufacturing of building decorations, license plate materials, vehicle interior materials, dashboards, oxidizing materials, cooking utensils, conductors, equipment components and so on. So, If you need to know more about the corresponding usage of 5005 aluminium properties, don’t hesitate to click the online customer service on the on the right , or send us an email for free consultation! Come on !

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