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Thickness: 0.014-0.2mm

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Brief introduction:
1070 aluminum foil is a product of pure aluminum series, aluminum content can reach more than 99.7%. Because the element is single, make craft is relatively simple, have price advantage accordingly. 1070 aluminum foil has many advantages, such as high plasticity. So it is suitable for gaskets and capacitors made of aluminum foil. The foil rolling machine introduced by YIKUO , is designed and installed by zhuoshen company, using andritz plate roll, and the use of full hydraulic control. With high precision pressure sensor and servo valve, to achieve accurate roll gap, to ensure the good quality of 1070 aluminum foil. YIKUO Aluminum’s 1070 aluminum foil is used in electronic foils, with a market share of more than 80%, stable product performance and excellent quality.
Applications and Features:

1.Mechanical properties: tensile strength σ b (M Pa) ≥ 75, conditional yield strength σ 0.2 (M Pa) ≥ 35.
2.Pure aluminum aluminum foil, good corrosion resistance and high plasticity.
3.It has good electrical and thermal conductivity, high plasticity, good corrosion resistance, and can withstand the extension and bending of various pressures.


The use of 1070 aluminum foil


Used for electronic cables: 1070 aluminum foil has excellent conductivity, can be used as battery foil, aluminum foil for transformers, etc.
Used for food packaging: Pure aluminum aluminum foil has good plasticity, can be used to package food of various shapes, and can also be made into different shapes of lunch boxes.
Used for aluminum foil packaging bags: It has good light-shielding and barrier properties, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, and is often used in food, medicine and other industries.

Advantages of 1070 aluminum foil

1.Strictly control the width and thickness of finished products, and ensure that the fluctuation of thickness is within 4%.
2.Ensure the slice quality, cut the end face evenly, without burr or tower shape.
3.The layout is smooth and clean without oil spots, black oil spots, bright lines, roll marks, bump points and other defects.

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