Rio tinto group’s Amrun bauxite project is expected to further promote capacity expansion and technological innovation

Rio tinto’s $1.9 billion Amrun bauxite project is 75 percent complete.
The project is expected to start production in mid-2019, with an annual bauxite capacity of 22.8m tonnes.
Rio tinto’s bauxite is used to supply alumina refineries on the east coast of Queensland.
လက်ရှိအချိန်မှာ, the company is gradually shifting its focus to export to the Chinese market.
The Amrun project is also a testing ground for Rio tinto’smine of the futureproject.
The mine of the futureis a project of Rio tinto group focusing on technology and innovation in recent years.
Rio tinto will set up a remote operations center for the Amrun project in webb.
လက်ရှိအချိန်မှာ, the project is still using artificial trucks, but the company is currently studying the application of autonomous trucks in the future.
In addition to the Amrun project, Metro minerals has started production at its Bauxite Hills project, အကြောင်း 100 kilometers north of weber, and is expected to produce its first Bauxite mine in April. The project aims to produce 2 million tons of Bauxite annually.
၌ 2014, bauxite prices were reported at more than $73 a ton, but in recent months, bauxite prices around the world have traded below $50 a ton.
Bauxite prices have been around $51.50 a tonne in recent days.