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Performance and Use of Corrugated Aluminum Sheet 2020-12-24 lisa

Corrugated Aluminum Sheet is also called pressed aluminum sheet, corrugated aluminum sheet or aluminum tile. It is one of the commonly used products [...]

Color-coated Aluminum Coil 2020-11-12 Jessie

Color-coated aluminum coil refers to the product after coating and coloring the surface of the aluminum coil or aluminum plate. First of all, if it is [...]

Derî û pencereyên Aluminium 2020-08-10 Jessie

Derî û pencereyên aluminiumê li derî û pencereyên ku ji alloyek aluminium têne çêkirin wekî profîla çarçovê vedibêjin, stûr û dilovan, wekî alloyek aluminium tête zanîn [...]