Guyana aluminum mining co. : new terex truck into the mine transport

The Guyana aluminum mining company of the bossy group has welcomed the big gift of the New Yearthe brand new terex (TR100) truck, which is mainly used to transport raw ore at the EASTMENGMARRY mine.
This truck is a new input equipment for Guyana company to expand production in 2017. 그 동안에, terex factory sent p.gustavo, a professional technician, to carry out the final test of the truck on the site, and conducted a 3-day professional technical training for the maintenance and operation personnel of the factory. All the employees who participated in the training benefited a lot.
It is reported that 390 carter excavator and D9 bulldozer will arrive at Guyana aluminum processing plant at the end of march this year, laying a solid foundation for Guyana aluminum mining company of bosay group to complete its annual production and operation plan.

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