Alcoa’s second-quarter profit fell on lower aluminum and alumina prices

New York, July 11 (bloomberg) — Alcoa inc on Monday reported a drop in second-quarter net profit as falling aluminum and alumina prices and reduced plant operations, closures or sales hit revenue.
Alcoa reported net income of $135 백만, 또는 9 cents a share, compared with $140 백만, 또는 10 cents a share, a year earlier.
Analysts on average had expected earnings of 9 cents a share.
The company reported quarterly earnings per share, excluding special items, 의 15 cents.
Alcoa plans to split the company in two in the second half of this year, with Alcoa keeping its traditional smelting business, while Arconic will run its value-added business, which focuses on aerospace and automobiles.
Alcoa reported quarterly revenue of $5.3 billion, compared with $5.9 billion a year earlier. Analysts had expected $5.2 billion.
Alcoa shares jumped 5 per cent in after-hours trading after the results.

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